Jacksonburg United Methodist Church
Thursday, November 15, 2018
VBS - 2013
Closing Celebration
NAMI Walk, Butler County  - 2013
Team walking for Mental Health Awareness
Church Coming Together for a Mission Activity - First UMC- Hamilton
Change the World - May 14, 2011
working hard in the kitchen...
serving up some drinks...
Men of the church singing "Amazing Grace" - January 16, 2011
Senior Dinner @ the Church - October 2, 2010
Jackson Area Ministries (JAM) Mission Trip, Saturday, July 17, 2010
Kevin measuring things up...                                                                      Rex & Paul setting a post
Rev. Bob Davis of JAM bringing lunch                                                  Paul & Kevin setting a post
Four Methodists setting a post, Bob Davis, Pastor Wes, Paul & Kevin               Pastor Wes & Debra bring supplies to the work site
Pastor Wes standing there while Paul & Kevin digging a hole                     Kevin, Pastor Wes, & Paul asking What did we do wrong?
Rex, Kevin, & Bob asking... why is this so long?                                   Rex chatting over lunch with our hosts Debra and friend
Paul, Pastor Wes, Kevin and Rex... ok, is this thing level yet?
All the pictures were taken by Jessica Williams.
Parsonage Mortgage Burning - June 20, 2010:
Pastor Wes & Randy Koontz greet those gathered:
 The Burning - Praise Be To God!:
Prayer of Dedication:
Congratuations Jacksonburg Church, now let's eat!  (again)