Jacksonburg United Methodist Church
Sunday, November 28, 2021

"In-Person" Worship Guidelines and Expectations

Changes in Physical Distancing Rules at JUMC. Effective immediately. (March 30, 2021)
In accordance with the new CDC guidance for schools, we are now permitted to sit/stand 3 feet apart in doors while wearing masks for worship and meetings.
What does this mean for JUMC?
In Worship:
1.) We can now use all pews.
2.) Everyone will still need to wear our mask appropriately (nose and mouth completely covered)
3.) We will still be told where to sit by an usher, so that we can maximize seating capacity for everyone. Seats are first come, first serve. We will still have an overflow area.
4.) This will allow for more people to attend worship. At the current time, we will continue to have one in-person worship at 10:30 AM. It will be on Facebook as well.
5.) We will still need to limit gatherings and conversations in the hallway. It is best to move outdoors to visit.
6.) No coffee or fellowship food opportunities, yet.
For Meetings:
1.) Fellowship Hall and rooms can now be used as long as the participants remain 3 feet apart AND appropriately masked (nose and mouth completely covered).
2.) The number of people permitted in each area will depend on the size of the person, group, and room. I ask the leaders to PLEASE be mindful of the 3 foot rule.
3.) No self-serve coffee or food should be shared at meetings.



Hello Jacksonburg family and friends.  We are certainly living in odd times.  We will be opening for public (in-person) worship on May 31st, Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the church.  How cool is that?  We will be experiencing a new birth once again in the light of COVID-19.  Things will be radically different however.  Below you will find the expectations and regulations that have been put in place by the Conference, Insurance Company, and the State of Ohio; and fully adopted by us.  As the conference and state relax their requirements, so will we.

I will remind you that the information below ONLY applies to in-person worship celebrations!  Worships will continue to be broadcast via Facebook Live, posted on our website, and YouTube channels.  Giving will continue to be available in-person, on-line, and by mail.  Those things will not change at this time.

To begin, I would like to quote the opening paragraphs from the conference document outlining the guidelines for public worship in West Ohio Conference.  “Our return to public worship is not, and never should be, based on our own comfort, desires or preferences.  It is based on our fulfilling God’s mission and purpose for us, which is loving God and loving others.  We believe that we are in a moment of the greatest opportunity for evangelism in recent memory.  We have abundant opportunities to show those around us, even in the midst of this pandemic, that they are beloved children of God and that we love them.  That love can be shown concretely through our following the practices that will best protect one another from this virus.  To be faithful, we are called to be willing to do what is best for others, even when it means we must make sacrifices.  Those who are most vulnerable (those over 65 and/or with preexisting conditions) are encouraged to be abundantly cautious and should not be in crowds at all.”

With this in mind here are the expectations and process will we use to enter and exit the building for in-person worship on Sunday mornings until the restrictions are lifted and/or relaxed.

Ø  AT ALL TIMES social distancing should be observed on church grounds.

Ø  The decision was made to have one service at 10:30 AM starting Sunday, May 31st – it will be contemporary.  (This is due to the regulation not allowing hymnals, bulletins, bibles or anything that can be touched by multi-people.)

Ø  We are being told to “phase in” worship.  Currently we are being asked to keep the total number of people at or below 50; until those requirements are lifted by the state.  That means due to our small space, some people may be asked to worship in Fellowship Hall watching the worship on the television.

Ø  There will be NO Sunday School Classes, Fellowship Gatherings, Communal Coffee and/or Refreshments of any kind for any meetings or worship celebrations.

Ø  Masks will be required in the building.

Ø  There will be a one-way entry through the WEST PARKING LOT DOOR into Fellowship Hall.  Exiting will only be through the Narthex Doors)

Ø  Anyone attending must be willing to have their temperature taken.  (Two trained people will be doing this in the Fellowship Hall as you enter the building.)

Ø  There will be hand sanitizer stations in Fellowship Hall, all people will be require to use it upon entry.

Ø  SEATING:  This will be done by an usher.  They will also dismiss you at the end of worship.

o   Only those from the same household or with previous family exposure may sit together during worship.

o   During worship and while at the church, children MUST stay with their family.

Ø  Anyone attending church must be on time for service; due to entry requirements, people are encouraged to come early.  Doors will be closed and locked at the beginning of worship and no one else will be allowed to enter. 

Ø  Communion will be celebrated.  Pastor Wes will bless a small bread loaf and the cup up front.  Then after worship, Pastor Wes will hand out individually sealed packets to the congregation on their way out to be consumed with family members later.




Ø  In-person offerings can be dropped into a box on your way out from worship.  There will not be a plate or basket passed.

Wishing you God’s deepest blessings and peace,

Pastor Wes and the JUMC Leadership Team.