Jacksonburg United Methodist Church
Monday, May 23, 2022

In-Person Worship Reminder During the pandemic...

Changes in Physical Distancing Rules at JUMC. Effective immediately. (March 30, 2021)
In accordance with the new CDC guidance for schools, we are now permitted to sit/stand 3 feet apart in doors while wearing masks for worship and meetings.
What does this mean for JUMC?
In Worship:
1.) We can now use all pews.
2.) Everyone will still need to wear our mask appropriately (nose and mouth completely covered)
3.) We will still be told where to sit by an usher, so that we can maximize seating capacity for everyone. Seats are first come, first serve. We will still have an overflow area.
4.) This will allow for more people to attend worship. At the current time, we will continue to have one in-person worship at 10:30 AM. It will be on Facebook as well.
5.) We will still need to limit gatherings and conversations in the hallway. It is best to move outdoors to visit.
6.) No coffee or fellowship food opportunities, yet.
For Meetings:
1.) Fellowship Hall and rooms can now be used as long as the participants remain 3 feet apart AND appropriately masked (nose and mouth completely covered).
2.) The number of people permitted in each area will depend on the size of the person, group, and room. I ask the leaders to PLEASE be mindful of the 3 foot rule.
3.) No self-serve coffee or food should be shared at meetings.
In-Person Worship Reminder During the pandemic... (May 2020)
Hello everyone.
I’m reaching out to you as your pastor and on-behalf of the Ad Council.
We have been having in-person worship for some time now and people are returning - which is wonderful! There are still many, many churches who are not meeting in person at all. However, as normal human beings do, we are naturally falling back into “old” habits and routines. This is a reminder that we are not ready to do that yet. For the vast majority of people, COVID-19 is still a very real risk. So we ALL must be careful to protect one another. With that in mind, while attending in-person worship, please remember to…
1.) Wear your mask properly (covering both your nose and mouth) at ALL TIMES while at church. That includes when singing, sharing prayer requests and joys, teaching, and talking with one another.
2.) Maintain a physical distance between you and others while moving about in the building.
a. If you look at the floor there are pieces of tape marked every six feet. Please observe them while moving through the building. They will be updated/upgraded in the next week.
b. If we want to remain open for worship, we cannot have people gathering in the building (hallways, sanctuary, or fellowship hall) for conversation. PLEASE move outside to have conversation and to catch up.
c. If you are taking part in a study or group that meets after worship move to that area and maintain distancing. If you are not participating in those group, please exit the building.
3.) Exiting the building should take place from the narthex doors. If you have a physical need that requires you to exit on the ramp, please do so, but otherwise use the two exits from the narthex.
4.) Please sit in designated seats only! Whenever possible, we are encouraging you to sit as family, if you have been exposed to each other on a regular basis.
a. Don’t sit in pews that have been marked as distancing spaces. You will be asked to move.
5.) Please come early to get a seat. We will be closing and locking the ramp door at 10:30. All other doors remain locked for entry during our times together.
a. PLEASE wait to be seated by an usher and sit where they suggest. If the sanctuary is full or can’t accommodate the number of people in your family when you arrive; you will have two choices:
i. Watch the service downstairs in room 2 via a Facebook feed.
ii. Or return home where you can watch it safely there.
Friends, we hate to be so adamant about doing these things; but we MUST follow these steps to be under the safety rules of the conference. When the rules are relaxed we will be the first to relax ours as well, but until then, we must keep each other’s safety and health at the top of our minds, thoughts, prayers, and actions.
We look forward to your cooperation and help in this matter.
Pastor Wes Souders
Jacksonburg United Methodist Church
4654 Middletown Oxford Rd
Middletown, Ohio 45042
(513) 423-3933
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